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UK Jimmy Choo Black Snake Skin Boot
£1,040.76  £208.12

UK Jimmy Choo Leopard Medium Boot
£1,077.22  £215.39

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No matter how you like women , need to wear a pair of high-heeled foot on the red carpet , as your choice we can not say , but you should know that Mr. Christian Louboutin 's name right . Christian Louboutin heels world is Europe 's favorite actress ! Christian Louboutin has created the most famous footwear since the Cinderella myth . From KateMoss and this supermodel Daphne Guinness, to Beyoncé, such a star Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, everyone wearing his shoes . Red-soled shoes are Christian Louboutin 's signature logo , highlighting women's lovely , beautiful and not play mature sexy. He designed shoes may not be the world's most comfortable, but it must be the most unique . During that time the club 's youth experience has affected his whole style , Christian Louboutin shoes most like to use a variety of bright colors, especially in open-toed style won him the favor , with the red logo on the soles Nama , with the performance of the sexiest women high heels , swaying side. No wonder so many stars are even willing to speak for him free of charge , showed off alone is Christian Louboutin 's style on the red carpet.